About The Hiney Hitch

The Hiney Hitch is designed and handmade by Certified Pet Stylist and veteran groomer, Diana La Mesa (a.k.a. Annie). Annie has been grooming for 20+ years and continuously searched for a strap that would aid in keeping dogs standing in place, while offering optimal grooming access. To date she has yet to find a comparable or more universal grooming strap.

The Hiney Hitch is durable and padded so they don’t cut into the dogs and are machine washable. Available in a variety of colors, one size fits all. From tiny Chihuahuas to the large Newfoundlands only one size is needed. When used, a neck strap isn’t necessary. The construction has been perfected and a patent on the design is pending. No matter your experience level, the Hiney Hitch is sure to be your new BFF!


  • Brushing long or matted coats
  • Prep. work: dematting, pattern setting, dyeing, feet trimming
  • Finish work, bows & scissoring
  • Clipping poodle feet
  • Front end work without noose
  • Allows groomer to leave table
  • Keeps dogs standing: large, small, old, obese, seniors, (back saver)
  • Use on drying table
  • Biting dogs
  • Nail trims and/or nail painting
  • Keeping puppies from falling
  • Furminating